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    Welcome to visit Xuzhou Yasul High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. Official website!
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    The company introduces the UK's advanced production technology and technology, using original raw material formula and new grouting process

    About Us

    Xuzhou Yasul High-tech Materials Co., Ltd.

    Xuzhou Yasuer High Material Co., Ltd. is a joint venture of British Yasuer Ceramics Co., Ltd. in China., the company introduces the advanced production craft and technology, using the original raw material formula and new grouting molding process, advanced ceramic senior expert team and precision mold manufacturing, injection molding production workshop, advanced production equipment and sophisticated testing instruments and complete scientific strict means of test.Many performance indexes of the…


    Six advantages of the product

    Yasul quartz ceramic roller can be used as a horizontal conveying roller in horizontal tempering furnace, silicon steel heat treatment and other production lines;

    Because the Yasul quartz ceramic roller has the advantages of high density, high strength, low temperature deformation, smooth and fine roller path, small radial runout, etc., it is widely used.

    • High purity
      Chemical composition

    • Excellent
      Thermal insulation

    • Excellent
      Electrical insulation

    • Extremely strong
      Thermal shock stability

    • Good
      Corrosion resistance

    • Very high
      Surface smoothness

    Advanced equipment


    Latest News

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